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Zara is truly a ‘life changer’ for me. I was on the wrong track to obesity and suffering from stress after a tragedy hit me last year. I was munching and stress eating all kinds of unhealthy stuff. Then I came across Zara who made me a part of her 12 week health plan and helped me set my goals for a healthy lifestyle which were weight loss, routine intermittent fasting and eating healthy for life. During this program Zara educated me, guided me on how to properly do intermittent fasting without starving myself and showed me how we can make our healthy meals scrumptious as well. It was challenging but with Zara’s help and persistent guidance I ended up losing 9 pounds in 12 weeks and now I feel more energetic, less fatigued and stressed in my normal routine. Zara is extremely devoted and she puts her heart and soul into her work. She has immense knowledge about health and fitness and she will ‘make you do it’. I can’t thank her enough for transforming my life and making it healthier and happier than before. I highly recommend her programs.

Zara was my first yoga teacher. I had never taken a yoga class before. Her enthusiasm for yoga was contagious. She was always encouraging and positive. Her instructions for all her moves were terrific. She explained things so clearly that you do not need to watch her because her explanations are perfect. She makes you want to come back to class and learn more, she's a fabulous teacher

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